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Pazzo Books

Pazzo Books in Roslindale, MA carry a wide array of books both online and in our shop. Online we specialize in scholarly non-fiction in particular titles regarding Social Criticism, Philosophy and History, rare and collectible fiction and obscure non-fiction titles.
Address: Roslindale, MA, 02131    
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Website: Pazzo Books
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Pazzo Books
  Pazzo means "crazy" in Italian. And while the folks at Pazzo Books, in Roslindale Square, have done their best to arrange things in neat, orderly categories, this used bookstore tends to have a chaotic, unwieldy feel to it. But don't let that discourage you. Because the folks at Pazzo also have lots of used, collectible, and, yes, rare literary works -- try 14,000 of them. There are novels, mysteries, and the classics. There are the tomes dedicated to art, architecture, and photography. There are the self-help books, the cooking books, the health books, the history books, and so on. More often than not, you can find whatever obscure and long-forgotten title you desire.
  The first published edition of Toni Morrison's Beloved? They've got it ($35). The first published edition of Culinary Encyclopedia of Cooking? They've got it ($15). The last known copy of four 17th-century American plays? They've got it (approximately $2000). At Pazzo Books, you can buy all those novels you always meant to buy but never got around to. Or those paperbacks you tossed in order to lighten your moving load, but now wish you'd kept after all. Pazzo Books has them -- and more. We are, after all, talking about that "crazy" used bookstore.
  We try and stick to AB Bookman's standard though slightly simplified. Quickly, Good is a reading copy only, typically well-read but generally tight and square unless noted - if there is writing in the book it will be specified; Very Good is noticeably read but lightly worn and tight and square - if there is writing in the book it will be minimal and always noted - for a dust jacket VG typically will show some edgewear with light chipping depending on age; Fine in a recent title will be more or less what you would expect in a new bookstore (often superior in terms of the DJ) - in an older title it will be read but with no visible flaws. That being said, we typically only grade Near Fine unless it is exceptional or noticeably unused - on an older title (early 20th, 19th) NF tends to be our highest grade, though there is increasing leeway with grading on titles as they get older (a near fine 1930 DJ and a NF 2000 DJ will not be in a similar condition).

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4268 Washington St. Roslindale, MA, 02131

Website: Pazzo Books  We carry a wide array of books both online and in our shop.


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