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JB Consulting

After revising resume with Julie, a CEO candidate moved from no responses to his resume to 6 inquiries the day his resume was posted on the Internet. Objectives are clearly defined and every effort is made to tailor the content to your specific needs.
Address: Wakefield, MA, 01880    
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Website: JB Consulting
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JB Consulting
Career Coaching
These two options are for individual clients who are exploring the job market due to layoffs, career dissatisfaction or career reentry.
Career Coaching (Option 1)
Career Coaching is an extended coaching arrangement, where career explorers can be assured of making the right career decision because of careful introspection, planning and support. This arrangement - billed in monthly segments - takes place either in person in Julie's office in Medford Square or on the telephone.
Career Transition Steps
Explore values and passions to establish self-fulfillment context for meaningful work
Claim strengths and work style preferences. Establish criteria for maximum success.
Targeting Career Fields
Research marketplace. Develop job search plan.
Present self with authenticity in:
- written format: resume, letters, testimonies, portfolio.
- people contact: networking, interviewing.
Maintaining Momentum
Inner management for resiliency.
Successful Start
Acclimate self to new position. Define expectations for success. Build alliances for results and support.
Career Help (Option 2)
This is one or two sessions, based on specific needs, eg, resume development, cover letter preparation, interview strategy, etc. Sessions are held in Julie's office in Medford Square.
Small Business Strategies
Key Personnel Coaching

Key Personnel Coaching is a unique client/coach interaction, built from organizational expectations and attuned to individual client's values and goals. The coach serves as a "performance partner" to fully support professionals in attaining their highest leadership goals. Coaching results in improved performance and reenergized careers. Coaching sessions are often used to enhance communication, strengthen strategic and operational planning, plan career growth, and reinforce essential leadership competencies.
Navigating Opportunity: Organization undergoing significant technological changes wanted its management team to manage changes expeditiously and lead staff to embrace new systems. Coaching provided a forum to improve leadership skills and overcome resistance to change.
How does coaching work?
Generally, the individual or the organization recognizes an unmet need, talent or opportunity and chooses one-on-one coaching as the method to address these concerns. Julie Bernardin, M.Ed. meets initially with the organization's representative to assess needs and set goals. The first coaching session includes agreement on goals as set by organizational mandate, and alignment with individual values and goals. Ongoing sessions address needs, concerns and achievements, using current situations to achieve targeted goals. My role as coach is to focus on the client's agenda, offer insight or challenges as appropriate and to support the client in achieving phenomenal success.

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Address and Phone Number
8 Indian Lane Wakefield, MA, 01880

Website: JB Consulting  Julie Bernardin, M.Ed. meets initially with the organization` representative to assess needs and set goals.


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