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Boyo Communications

  We offer a wide range of services that meet all of your multimedia needs. Please click on the "Products and Services" link to learn more about our services. State of the arts computerized sound system software is used to predict sound system performance. The following four sound system characteristics are taking into consideration everytime a sound system is design by our company.
Address: Brockton, MA, 02322    
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Website: Boyo Communications
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Boyo Communications
  Boyo Communications provides technical audio and video system design and installation with a customer oriented objective. Our goal is to assure that we go beyond your expectations by delivering timely and to budget systems.
  We have been designing and supervising the installation of multimedia systems for about 15 years, and have been in the industry for well over 19 years. Only world class reliable products are used to assure total customer satisfaction and to minimize down time.
  Please let us know how we can best serve you.
  Sound System Coverage - Assures even coverage throughout the listening area of the facility.
  Maximum SPL - Sound system is able to achieve the required sound pressure level specified by the client and designer.
  Speech Intelligibility - The spoken word is clearly understandable at every seat in the venue.
  Late Arrivals - System is free from annoying echoes.
  Sound and Video System Sale
  Site Survey - Data collection to assure accuracy when a computerize model is built.
  Proposal Preparation
  Sound System and Proposal Presentation
  Sales and Contract Agreement
  Sound and Video System Installation
  Industry trained network of installers
  Timely Installation
  On Budget Installation
  Maintenance and Service
  Annual and Semi-annual A/V Maintenance Agreements  to prevent costly down time.
  24 hours service call Turnaround
  12 hoursTurnaround  for emergency service calls
  Spare Parts on hand for all Service calls
  On Site Repairs
  Technical Support

  Provide technical support by phone to answer all technical questions regarding your system to arrive at the appropriate solution.

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Address and Phone Number
345 Rockland St Brockton, MA, 02322

Website: Boyo Communications  Your Single Source For Audio and Video Systems

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