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Express Pizza & Sub Shop

Looking for a family style italian pizza restaurant? How about one with pizza catering, lunch take out, and free delivery? Billerica Express Pizza and Sub is a family owned neighborhood shop with fresh Italian and Sicilian pizza, homemade from top to bottom. We’ve got salads, subs, pasta, kids meals, and lots of special offers to fit your budget. We’re open 7 days a week, so come to Express Pizza and learn how we say “delicious” in Italian!
Address: Billerica, MA, 01862    
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Express Pizza & Sub Shop

Small, out of the way, no frills, but great food at great prices.

Specialty Pizza Menu
Small $9.00 Large $12.00

Chicken broccoli alfredo
Garlic chicken with caramelized onions
Meat lovers-meatball, sausage pepperoni
Pesto chicken with diced tomato
Hawaiian-pineapple, & ham
Buffalo chicken

Deluxe-pepperoni, mushroom, onion, pepper, sausage
Tour of Italy-chicken, garlic, eggplant, tomato, olives
spinach, feta, tomato, chicken

Small Large
Cheese $6.00 $8.00

Topping-each $0.75 $1.00
Toppings: pepperoni, sausage, meatball, pepper,
onion, mushroom, garlic, broccoli, olives,
anchovies, eggplant, spinach

toppings-chicken $2.00
topping-artichoke $2.00
topping-roasted peppers $2.00

Small Large
1 fill $7.00 $8.75
Each topping $0.75 $0.75

Kid meals
Served with French fries
Hot dog $4.00
Mozzarella sticks $5.00
Grilled cheese $4.50
Chicken fingers $5.00
Pasta w/ meatballs $5.00
Cheese quesadilla $4.50
Add chicken $1.00

Dinner Menu
Served with 2 choices: french fries,
onion rings, salad, slaw, garlic bread

Grilled chicken $7.50
Steak tips $7.99
Add onion, pepper, mushroom $1.00
Chicken fingers $8.00
Buffalo or golden tenders $8.50

Pasta – ziti or linguini
Baked ziti $5.50
Marinara $4.50
Alfredo $5.75
Meatball or sausage $5.75

Chicken parmesan $6.50
Veal parmesan $8.50
Eggplant $5.99
Chicken broccoli alfredo
or scampi $8.50

Served with french fries
Cheeseburger $5.00
Tuna $4.50
Egg salad $4.50
Hot dog (2) $5.00

Hot sub sandwiches
Small Large
Meatball $5.50 $6.50
Sausage $5.50 $6.50
Chicken cutlet $5.50 $6.50
Chicken parmesan $5.50 $6.50
Grilled chicken $5.50 $6.50
Steak tips $6.00 $7.00
Chicken fingers $5.50 $6.50
Buffalo or golden $6.00 $7.00
Pastrami $5.50 $6.50
BLT $4.75 $5.75
Steak & cheese $5.50 $6.00
Steak bomb $5.75 $6.75

Cold sub sandwiches
Small Large
Ham $4.75 $5.75
Turkey $4.75 $5.75
Roast beef $4.75 $5.75
Tuna $4.75 $5.75
Egg salad $4.75 $5.75
Italian $5.50 $6.50
American $5.50 $6.50
Meatless $4.00 $5.00
Homemade soup
or chilli $3.50

Fresh large garden $4.50
Add grilled chicken $3.00
Add steak tips $4.00
Add shrimp $4.00
Chef salad $6.60
Antipasto $6.50
Tuna $5.99
Egg salad $5.99

Have your salad in a taco shell for $1.00 extra
Extra dressing $0.50

Side orders
Combo app $11.99
3-mozza, 3 buffalo tenders, nacho’s o-rings,

Small Large
Fries $2.50 $3.50
Spicy fries $3.00 $4.00
O-rings $3.00 $4.00
Mozzarella sticks $4.75 $8.00

Garlic bread $2.75
add Melted mozzarella $1.00

Chicken fingers $5.00 $8.00
Buffalo or golden
tenders $5.50 $8.50
Nacho’s $6.99
Chili or chicken $1.00
Veggies $0.50
Cole slaw $1.50
Slice pizza $2.25
Side salad $2.50
Bruschetta $4.99
Quesadilla (2) $6.50
add Chicken $2.00
add Chili $1.50
add Veggies $1.00

Lunch out at some of our neighborhood Pizza Restaurants,

Call it a pizza place, call it a pizza house, call it the best homemade pizza shop. If you're looking for the best restaurants and places to eat to grab a fast lunch out in Billerica then this is one of the pizza shops that should be on your list. Long in New England Sub Sandwich tradition Express Pizza is one of those good old fashion Pizza Restaurants that still offers piled high sub sandwiches and your favorite Italian food dishes for take-out. Unlike those national chains shops like Subway and Quizno's this Italian restaurant's sub sandwiches are made the New England way - covered in cheese (if you like) and oven toasted to perfection this is one of the best restaurants to sink you teeth into a great sub sandwich, and if you can't get away just order out because this pizza place offers a vast pizza menu for free pizza delivery.

Looking for the best salad:

Near restaurants can be a challenge to find, but from chicken salad to tuna salad to a custom salad built for you, satisfy your lunch out cravings with the best salads at Billerica Express Pizza. If you're searching for near restaurants that offer fast foods that make up a healthy lunch ring up Express Pizza and ask them to top your favorite salad with your favorite grill item and off you go. So the near restaurants search is over because the best in take out is now in Billerica and pizza delivery, actually all food delivery, is free. So when you're looking for places to eat that also offers food delivery this ?? is just a phone call away.

Places to eat homemade pizza on the Billerica & Carlile line:

For the best in pizza places to eat out, and at the best price, this one of those little pizza shops that are amongst the best restaurants you can choose, and they offer free food delivery to Billerica and Carlile. Homemade pizza hot and fresh make this take-out a first choice. Leaving nothing to chance this is one of the few Pizza Restaurants where everything is homemade - even their dough! And even thought homemade their Pizza Specials and special prices are the best in Billerica and Carlile and they still offer free pizza delivery. With Quality like this you would think take-out would cost more but this is not the case as their pizza specials, lunch specials, and dinner specials beat everyone around.

Italian food for Dinner or better yet, take-out,

If you are looking for dinner take-out that's as fast as fast food, but with the quality of an Italian restaurant, try ordering out at Billerica Express Pizza. With a variety of home made Italian from xas to aafg, made fresh and delivered free hot to your door you'll be amazed at how easy and tasty fast food can be. If you're looking for cheap eats out a pizza place that also offers a small seating area so you can order lunch or dinner, eat there and be off, all at a price cheaper than most any restaurant, this Italian pizza place is for you.

Lunch specials and Pizza coupons:

Looking for the best in restaurant deals, lunch specials or pizza coupons? Then look no more because with pizza places like this you get value every day of the week. No pizza coupons necessary either, because this pizza shop's menu has lunch specials daily and great overall restaurant deals for dinner. From early bird cheese pizza specials, to all night dual pizza specials, to lunch meal specials you will never break the bank to get filled up with Express Pizza's great restaurant deals.

Birthday Parties and pizza catering:

For birthday parties and general catering let Billerica Express Pizza eliminate the stress and deliver hot food fast to your door, even a catered healthy lunch. Finding the best pizza restaurants that can supply affordable food for a kid's birthday party is always a big hit and this is one of those small on size but big on taste pizza shops that deliver the best pizza at the best price meeting your needs for children's party no-stress pizza catering. And even when party catering their restaurant deals still apply. All you have to do - is dial. And with their roots as an Italian Restaurant upgrading from pizza catering to party catering with their family style specials is easy as you'll notice with their pizza menu you don't have to stop at pizza. You could even have a healthy lunch catered in making a daily event that much more enjoyable and affordable.

Free Pizza Delivery!

Yes, there is free pizza delivery for everything on the pizza menu. Actually all food delivery is free. So order homemade pizza take-out today, or anything else off the menu for that matter, and forget the mess and stress of meal creation.

Where few Pizza Restaurants can be found, they're at the corner of Billerica that boarders Carlile and Bedford. Put Billerica Express Pizza on your list of best restaurants and must tries for Pizza, sub sandwiches, Italian food, take-out, prepared dinners, pizza catering, and party catering.

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Address and Phone Number
240 Nashua Rd Billerica, MA, 01862

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 *** 1 Review for Express Pizza & Sub Shop
Excellent 11/09/2010  Steven M.    North Billerica, Massachusetts
Very good food, fresh quality ingredients (Old Neighborhood Brand Deli meats) friendly staff, decent prices. Pizza sold by the slice all day long. Traditional family style store. You can't go wrong. There are four other pizza shops with a quarter mile of Expresso, another dozen scattered around town. No comparison, I go here, every time.

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