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Medi Health Care: Medical Supplies

Medi Health Care Medical Supplies is located in Brookline, MA offers top of the line home care medical supplies and equipment. One of the best when it comes to service and quality equipment, the medical supply provider is the leading home medical supplies in Brookline Massachusetts. It has been established in 1999 and is conveniently located in Brookline MA, between Cambridge, Newton, Watertown, Roxbury and Chestnut Hill.
Address: Brookline, MA, 02446    
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Boston Medical Supplies

Medi Health Care: Medical Supplies
  Are you looking for a well equipped home medical products supplier? Would you like a hassle free one-stop shop where you can get for home care medical supplies and equipment? You may stop your quest because the Medi Health Care Home Medical Supplies can offer solutions to all of your medical supply questions. Medi Health Care Medical Supplies, whose primary aim is to improve people’s lives by providing high-quality home care medical supplies and equipment, is one of the leading stores when it comes to home care medical equipment and supplies. Whatever home care medical supply or equipment you are seeking, we can provide it for you. Known for our high standard of service and quality products, we can cater to all your medical product needs. We are highly knowledgeable in our merchandise and we have customer-oriented employees who will surely cater to all your queries and needs. We offer the highest quality home medical products, from the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors, like medical, hospital and bariatric beds, which come in adjustable and electric variants, hospital and pressure mattresses, over-bed tables, bedrails, walkers, power, 3 wheel and 4 wheel scooters, power, lightweight, portable, folding, manual, transportation and handicap wheelchairs, braces for the knee, back, wrist and ankle, knee and back supports, bath chairs and shower seats, toilet aids and safety frames, wheelchair batteries, diabetic shoes and sandals, glucometers, adult diapers, reusable under-pads, and other disposable and incontinence items. Brookline Home Medical Supply accepts Medicare  Mass Health (Medicaid) and deliver most of their items, making everything for you as easy as can be: making your life easier for you and your loved ones as they furnish the best, top of the line and the highest quality of home care medical supplies and equipment which will cater to the improvement of your health and the convenience of your daily living. 

  In today’s age where the need for home medical equipment and supplies is rising quickly, where people are always on the guard of their physical health and well-being, the requirement for high standards and excellent home care medical supplies and equipment also arises. For these various medical needs, the Brookline Medical Supply is very responsive. It guarantees the comfort, ease and relief of its home medical equipment and supplies users at cheap and affordable prices. Moreover, its products are known to be very durable and heavy duty. In using their products, one can be sure of that one is getting what one has paid for.

  Comfort and convenience are the main considerations in finding the best home care medical supplies and equipment. This is what Brookline Home Medical Supply provides. They have the finest bed rails, hospital, bariatric, air and medical beds, and hospital, pressure and alternating pressure mattresses. The beds that they sell can be adjustable or electric, whichever your choice may be. They also have hospital over-bed tables and they also provide rentals for those who do not want to buy hospital beds.

  For faster and easier mobility of patients, they also offers medical walkers, power and wheelchair scooters, and different kinds of wheelchairs such as power wheelchairs, lightweight wheelchairs, medical wheelchairs, mobility wheelchairs, travel wheelchairs, folding wheelchairs, bariatric wheelchairs, heavy duty wheelchairs,  transportation wheelchairs, light wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs and portable wheelchairs. Even wheelchair parts, batteries and bags are also available in their stores. In terms of scooters, the scooters that they sell can either be 3-wheel or 4-wheel.

  The Brookline Medical Supply also furnishes its customers with different braces and supports for the various parts of one’s body. They sell knee, ankle, back, wrist and elbow braces. They also offer back, brace, knee, ankle and knee brace and supports. Aside from these, the store also provides knee and back straps which are guaranteed to be durable and comfortable to use.

  They also provides equipment for hygiene and bath purposes. On their list of items are bath  chairs and seats. They also offer bath stools, shower chairs and seats and folding shower seats, disabled and elderly aids, toilet seat risers, bathroom and shower grab bars, toilet aids and safety frames.

  For those suffering from diabetes, the Medi Health Care Medical Supply offers a particular line of products that will cater especially for such customers. These products are glucometers, different diabetic shoes for those who are diabetic, to wit: medicare diabetic shoes,  and women’s diabetic shoes. These diabetic shoes are very cozy and comfortable to wear.

  Lastly, the Medi Health Care offers a wide range of disposable home medical supplies which are guaranteed to be hygienic and cozy to use. Among these disposable items which they are selling are: adult diapers, disposable and reusable under-pads, adult diaper plastic pants, adult incontinence, reusable, bedwetting and cotton diapers, and adult diaper covers.

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We serve : Brookline, Cambridge, Newton, Watertown, Roxbury, Chestnut Hill

Address and Phone Number
694 Washington St Brookline, MA, 02446

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