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Medford Optical

 "I`ve been in business for 15 years," says Dana Cohen, optician/owner of Medford Optical Shop, Medford, Mass. "But I only began promoting children`s eyewear seven years ago, where I am now with children`s eyewear (a 40% segment of Medford`s sales) did not happen overnight." Ask your pediatric ophthalmologist about Medford Optical - the place kids love.
Address: Medford, MA, 02155    
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Medford Optical
   Cohen recognized the need for highlighting children`s eyewear because parents constantly complained about the lack of selection for children at other optical retail establishments. At the time, Cohen had approximately 100 frames for children, which he said was more than the inventory carried by other stores in his area.  
 Since Cohen enjoyed working with children and saw a niche that he could maximize, he decided to develop this market. "I bought 200 to 300 children`s frames, and I went around to all the pediatric ophthalmologists in the area. It took a while for them to gain confidence in referring to me, but each year (the kid`s section) got a little busier."  
 Last year, Cohen remodeled and devoted the entire right side of his store to children`s eyewear. M.O.D.E., Inc., did the redesign according to Cohen`s specifications, which emphasized the need for display units to be lower, allowing the children easy access to frames. "I wanted the shop to cater to children. The displays are low so a five-year-old can browse at his own level." There are four display units, and between the frame boards and the ceiling are duratrans, illuminated pictures of children wearing glasses, which he had made from slides supplied from various children`s eyewear manufacturers.  
 To the design, Cohen added long wooden boxes and made them into "treasure chests," with decor-matching, custom-upholstered cushions on the lid. After the glasses are dispensed, the child opens a chest for a complimentary toy - a stuffed koala bear for younger children or a frisbee, featuring the store logo, for older kids.  
 Cohen`s goal is to become the "premier children`s eyewear shop" in Massachusetts. Already, with referrals from numerous ophthalmologists, Cohen feels he`s on this path and has gained a reputation as the children`s optician for tougher cases. "They think of me when they write a tough prescription."
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16 High Street, Medford Square Medford, MA, 02155

Website: Medford Optical  Where children come first - offering a large selection of children`s eyewear, located in Medford, Massachusetts.


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