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Brenton Evans Piano Restoration

We restore, repair and rebuild pianos of all kinds. We also ensure that we repair only pianos that warrant repair or restoration. All pianos are not created equally, even those coming from the same manufacturer, pianos don't age the same way and they don't get treated the same way by their owners.
Address: Indian Orchard, MA, 01151    
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Website: Brenton Evans Piano Restoratio
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Brenton Evans Piano Restoration
Complete refinishing, rebuilding and sales of vintage pianos in all categories.

Pianos below $5,000 - great for beginners and young students.
Pianos between $5,000 & $12,000 - great for more advanced pianists and more serious students.
Pianos above $12,000 - for the discerning musician who wants a beautiful piano with concert hall quality sound.

Pianos are all built with essentially the same components which function to do the same things. The quality of those components vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and we can say with some certainty that pianos built 75 to 100 or more years ago can often be a better buy than many new pianos.
The parents bought the piano when they were married. They played it, their four children played it and now their grandchildren will soon be ready to play it. With restoration not only will the grandchildren play it but their grandchildren will be able to play it as well. How much is 3 or 4 generations of memories worth?
Also, what kind of piano can you buy today for 12 to 13,000 dollars, that will be here three generations from now? Will an affordable, new piano bought today stand the test of time as this one has?
If you have a piano that you think needs work and want to know what it will cost and if it is worth restoring, call us. We will give you an accurate appraisal. We will help you determine whether a piano warrants restoration based on either it's final market value, its sentimental value or a combination of both.
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34 Front Street Building 2, 4th Floor, Indian Orchard, MA, 01151

Website: Brenton Evans Piano Restoratio  Complete refinishing, rebuilding and sales of vintage pianos in all categories.

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