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First Choice Rehabilitation Center

At First Choice Rehabilitation Center you can expect individual attention from our licensed physical therapists to make your treatment a positive experience.  We use the latest techniques to help you restore function after a back, neck, or spinal cord injury.  With our attention to patient education and personal responsibility, and pick-up service to help you get here, we’re your choice for physical therapy!
Address: Allston, MA, 02134    
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First Choice Rehabilitation Center

  First Choice Rehabilitation Center is a leader in orthopedic physical therapy that cares about you and your recovery.

  We offer state-of-the-art rehabilitation therapy services with our licensed physical therapists, who will always give you the respect and personal attention you need.  Our advanced physical therapy clinic can handle injuries both mild and severe, whether you have a pinched nerve or need intensive ruptured disc treatment.  We also offer exercise therapy programs if you are trying to keep up your functionality while fighting ongoing injuries from arthritis or other illnesses.  We always use the most advanced methods to help you maintain or regain function, and help you become better educated and more responsible as a patient in a comfortable and supportive environment.  

  We customize your physical therapy program to your needs, and can even pick you up for your physiotherapy sessions if your injuries make it difficult for you to get around.  Our goal is for your recovery to be as quick and rewarding as possible.
  We specialize in car accident injuries, which can be traumatic both inside and out.  At First Choice Rehabilitation Center, we’re not only dedicated to your physical car accident injury rehabilitation, but also to supporting you as you progress.  We’ll help you take charge of your health by educating you on your treatment options, and give you “one-on-one” care. 
  So many parts of your body can get injured, but we can help rehabilitate them all!  We have the expertise to handle a wide variety of physical therapy needs — mild to severe.  

  Our rehabilitation therapists can help your ease your back, knee, shoulder, elbow, and neck pain with treatment at our clinic and at home.   Knee and elbow rehabilitation can be difficult, especially as you get older. We work with you to maximize your mobility and self-sufficiency while allowing your injuries to heal.  If you need to recover from a shoulder or neck surgery, we can help you move and feel like yourself again.  
Your spine is a central part of your body, and spinal rehabilitation is central to having a happy, healthy life. Our spinal specialists can provide treatment for bulging discs and spinal stenosis.  We also offer intensive therapy for more serious spinal cord injuries, which know can be difficult and may have caused a change in your lifestyle.  We offer programs that help you deal with your spine pain, while supporting you through the challenges of your injury, and aiding your recovery.  
  Your hands are essential to how you enjoy life.  We help you maintain use of your hands whether age, illness, or injury is getting them down. Our regimens of hand physical therapy exercises will help you stay limber and strong, and will help your hands recover from an injury.  Exercise therapy has been shown to ease the pain of arthritis, and with the help of our physical therapists, we know you can maintain or restore your hands’ function.

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215 Harvard Ave # A Allston, MA, 02134


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