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Hypnotist Kovacs

Comedy Hypnotist Julius Kovacs entertained audiences from Eastern Europe, Canada, to the East Coast of the States. He is great for schools, corporations, and for private parties. Boston area Hypnotist with a long history of success!  Comedy Hypnosis shows for high schools, colleges, corporations, and for private parties. He travels nationwide.
Address: Methuen, MA, 01844    
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Website: Hypnotist Kovacs THE MAGNETMAN
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Hypnotist Kovacs (The Magnetman)

Hypnotist Kovacs has developed a well balanced, entertaining, exciting and MESMERIZING performance. For those that have never seen a hypnotist in action, are stunned by the amazing level of control he has over his audience and volunteers. Friends, family, co-workers, and classmates become the entertainment!

Watch the outgoing become calm in a trance like state, watch the quiet become outgoing and loud, watch the shy take the stage by storm by dancing, singing, and engaging in humorous activity like talking into their shoe...convinced it is a cell phone. Can you hear me now?

Prepare to be hypnotized by a renown hypnotist quickly building a following from Hungary, Canada, East Coast of the United States to nationwide.
Mr. Kovacs is a leader in the cutting edge techniques of hypnotic suggestions and the manipulation of the human magnetic fields. He is also among the fastest and the most empowering hypnotists of our times. This is the extraordinary stage performance that you will never forget. Introducing the Magnetman!

Hypnotist Kovacs combines his mental and bioenergy (also called chi) to place various objects such as irons, plates, silver plates, forks, knifes, and spoons on male volunteer's chest, shoulder, and back. This is a very Unique element of his stage performance that is not seen anywhere else!.
There are no glues or gimmicks to this MMagnetman performance.
Seeing is Believing...So come see!!!

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20 Brown Street Methuen, MA, 01844

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