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Audio Video Recovery Systems

Audio Video Recovery Systems specializes in the repair and recovery of audio and video tapes. Not only are we able to repair damaged equipment but often we are able to restore damaged audio and video footage when others have determined such recovery impossible.
Address: Natick, MA, 01760    
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Website: Audio Video Recovery Systems
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Audio Video Recovery Systems

Audio Video Recovery Systems specializes in the recovery of damaged video footage.
Our many years of experience have taught us that repair of the recorder is only one facet of recovering lost footage. Often, it is the damaged footage itself that requires attention and repair.
As technicians, we are in the unique position of not only identifying the problem and resolving it, but of having the ability to duplicate the circumstances leading up to the problem.
We then develop systems to recover the information. Our expertise in this area can help you just when you need it most.
Our unique software and hardware enables us to diagnose numerous technical problems.
Often video recovery is possible even when it appears that not even a trace of the footage was captured on tape.
We welcome all questions. If there is a way for your lost footage to be reclaimed, Audio Video Recovery Systems can help.
Our Services
At Audio Video Recovery Systems we offer a variety of services. We are readily experienced with a wide range of tape formats, including:
2" Quad Format, 1" Open Reel, 1/2" Open Reel EIAJ and Pre-EIAJ, 1/4" Open Reel Akai format, Betamax, Quasar/Magnovox format, Sanyo V-cord, CVC format, 8 mm, Hi8, Digital, BetacampSP and Time-Lapse formats.
We provide prints from video. We also perform video enhancement and video copying, as well as cropping and stills from surveillance tapes, reconstruction tapes, depositions, and other critical applications.
Video Tape Recovery
Video Tape Duplication
Archive Retrieval

We also work as consultants. We can help you decide the best course of action for your specific circumstances, whether it's oriented towards measures for disaster-recovery or towards preventative maintenance, inspection, storage and duplication.
Our hourly consulting fee is determined by the type of recovery undertaken (if applicable), the amount of research involved, and the amount of time required to set up equipment. Frequently we consult on how to implement the best procedures for handling and protecting critical audio/video inventory.
What is Archive Retrieval?
Many institutions such as hospitals, schools, colleges, and government agencies have libraries or archives of recorded magnetic media such as reel-to-reel tapes, cassettes, and other obsolete formats of video recordings from decades ago. These types of recording mediums tend to deteriorate over time.
A secondary problem is that as technology progresses, the hardware that produced this information becomes obsolete, and the material recorded becomes difficult, if not impossible, to reproduce in-house.
Who We Have Helped
Schools, Hospitals, Universities and Government Agencies with the maintenance, restoration, and upgrading of extensive audio/video libraries and archives.
Police and Fire professionals with surveillance tapes, audio/video evidence, and accident reconstruction.
Legal professionals & law firms with surveillance, evidence,
and depositions.
Videographers with the enhancement or recovery of damaged production footage.
Producers with timely format transfers and duplication.
Private industries with instructional tapes and sales materials, in either video or audio format.

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Address and Phone Number
222 North Main St. Natick, MA, 01760

Website: Audio Video Recovery Systems  Audio Video Recovery Systems specializes in the repair and recovery of audio and video tapes.

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