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DJ Spinelli & Assoc.

DJ Spinelli & Assoc. is a professional Disc Jockey Service providing entertainment to the New England area. Our Disc Jockey Service is made up of experienced, skilled and equipped entertainers that have performed at all types of events at just about every major hotel, nightclub, banquet and function facility around. We're based in the Greater Boston area and have been in business since 1985.
Address: Revere, MA, 02151    
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Website: DJ Spinelli & Assoc.
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DJ Spinelli & Assoc.

Searching for the perfect DJ for your event can be strenuous. You may find yourself asking many questions, such as: Will the DJ be on time? Will the DJ be dressed for the occasion? Will the DJ have a variety of music for my guests because they are from the ages 4 to 94? Will the DJ be friendly and polite to my guests? Will the DJ be a lively human and not a preprogrammed robot? Will I be charged a reasonable price so I won't have to withdraw from my 401k to pay for this?
If referring to us, the answer to all of these questions is simple: YES
Our experience with people has brought us a long way over the years. We know what to say and what to play. We know that most people don't want a DJ that never stops talking or a DJ that never talks at all. Our DJs say just enough to keep you and your guests informed and entertained throughout the entire event without going overboard. 
As far as the music goes, we've got all the hits - and then some. It's obvious that music is one of the most important aspects of your party, that's why keeping the dance floor alive is what we strive for the most. If it means playing a set of top 40 music for the young people, some disco/dance or rock/alternative music for the middle aged people, or a few waltzes/slow songs for the older folks, so be it. Knowing what music to play and when to play it is what we do best to keep you and your guests happy.
If you are interested or looking into getting a Disc Jockey for your wedding or party/function/event, then please contact us.
With many, many years of experience under our belt, we know that setting the proper mood of an event is very important to its final outcome. All our Disc Jockeys are natural entertainers. Energy is our middle name. We are totally involved in the fun - dancing, smiling, and moving at all times.
We will do whatever it takes to please you. You tell us what to play. We take requests throughout the event, playing exactly what you and your guests want to hear. Rest assure, YOU ARE THE BOSS! We can turn the volume up or down, pick up the pace or slow it down. Leave it in our hands or put it in yours - either way your function will be a success. DJ Spinelli & Assoc. guarantees it!
Musical Repertoire
We have thousands of song titles at our disposal, so the variety of music is endless. We will play anything you want to hear. We keep our customers for life. It is not uncommon for us to entertain at a couple's wedding, then do their baby's christening, communion, a spouse's birthday, their parents' anniversary or whatever. We stay with you all the way.
DJ Spinelli & Assoc. has performed at all types of events, including:
School Dances
Corporate Events
Holiday Parties
Pool Parties
Boat Cruises
One of the most commonly asked questions we hear is "What do you have for music"?
Well, we could say "A little bit of everything".
Of course, naming all those songs would take forever. So, we've put together some lists of our most requested songs that people have asked for throughout the years (plus a few others we've added that you may have forgotten about) to give you an idea of what music you might like to hear at your wedding or party/function/event.


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Address and Phone Number
P.O.BOX 234 Revere, MA, 02151

Website: DJ Spinelli & Assoc.  DJ Spinelli & Assoc is a professional Disc Jockey Service providing entertainment to the New England area.

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