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Ray Mullin Music

Welcome to New England's premier guitar, amp, and piano shop!! The best service! We know what we sell, and we even know about the stuff we don't! You can be sure you're getting the best information, all from the Friendliest Staff On Planet Earth!
Address: Swansea, MA, 02777    
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Website: Ray Mullin Music
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Ray Mullin Music
  Friendly and Courteous - We believe in treating our customers as we would like to be treated ourselves. It's a simple, classic principle, and one that's served us well for over three quarters of a century, so we're sticking with it! We're all musicians, and we've shopped in other stores before, so we know how rare it is to get the service you deserve!
  Free Advice - Our staff are all professionals. We want you to be satisfied, and we're happy to help you select the right tools for the job! Let our experience help you find what you're looking for! We're also one of the only shops that will tell you when you need something we don't sell! You're sure to get an honest opinion from our staff - they don't have any "sales quotas" to meet!
  Low Pressure? No Pressure! - We won't ever make you feel like you're at a used car lot. We believe it's important to take all the time you need to be sure about your purchase, and it's the only way to ensure your satisfaction.
  How Can We Help? - If you're looking for a guitar amp, and you want to bring in a couple of guitars, some speakers, pedals, roadies, etc..., just to make sure your new purchase will work with your existing setup, no problem. If you need to hear what that drum sounds like with a different head on it, no problem. If you need to hear your favorite CD thru those speakers, no prob.... well, you get the idea. Make yourself at home.
  Repairs - World-class guitar repairs in the blink of an eye. Tube amp service for everything from your classic Marshall Plexi to the latest MIDI preamps. All at rates you can afford. We're an authorized repair facility for all our brands, and can make sure you're back up and running fast! And if a product you bought here encounters a problem before your big gig, bring it to us, and we'll give you a loaner, so the show can go on.
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103 Swansea Mall Drive Swansea, MA, 02777

Website: Ray Mullin Music  Welcome to New England


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