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Aqua Dental Randolph


Aqua Dental Clinic in Randolph is conveniently located between Canton, Braintree, Quincy, Holbrook and Avon. Dr.Fayerman is a professional cosmetic dentist in Randolph. His expertise leads him to be renowned in dental implants. If you are not satisfied with your smile, we recommend you to seek our expert advice.

Address: Randolph, MA, 02368    
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Aqua Dental Randolph


Dr. Jeffrey I. Fayerman is a renowned dentist in Randolph. At his Aqua Clinic, you can find a team of professionals who offer you excellent results by the latest dental technology practices.  If you have dental emergencies we give you our help on that same day.  We help you regain a wonderful, healthy smile as to endow you with beauty.  Our trained team is able to help you in all your treatments required in a relaxing, friendly atmosphere.  

Cosmetic Dentistry is a cosmetic dental procedure as to help you restore your confidence by having healthy teeth. At our clinic you can find an experienced cosmetic dentist.  Having stained teeth will make you lose your natural brightness. By our whitening procedures we can help you regain a lovely smile.  Our experience in cosmetic dental techniques makes us able to help you correct your bite, change your tooth shape, alignment or the size of your teeth.  We can help you to replace your missing teeth and even fill in spaces between your teeth as to make you really look your best.  We also repair chipped, cracked, decayed or broken teeth.  We are true professionals in amalgam fillings dentistry.  By using amalgam fillings you are sure to have a strong filling which can withstand a strong biting force.

We can also provide you with minimplants and dental implants in Randolph thus offering you a better solution than using denturesPorcelain Veneers are ideal for those who are looking for measures to reshape their smile.  If you still prefer to make use of dentures and need to have them repaired, at our clinic we can repair, reline and rebase dentures on the same or next day.  If you are suffering from missing teeth, we can also help you solve this annoying problem by the use of porcelain bridges.

Dr.Fayerman is a very skilled specialist in periodontist care.  He takes great care to make you enjoy healthy gums by offering you gum disease therapy and treatment, as to regain fresh breath and have better and stronger teeth.  At our clinic you can also benefit from Invisiline which is the most recent technology in braces. By opting for this technology you will have clear retainers instead of the traditional metal braces which would leave your treatment perfectly unnoticed.  We also offer you Porcelain onlays and inlays which are all custom made as to be similar to your natural tooth color.  

If you are suffering from a nerve tooth infection, root canal therapy provides you with the best solution as it heals your tooth and thus you would not need to get your tooth removed.  We are also leaders in laser dentistry which offers you a painless treatment and a  bloodless procedure. Your health is our priority and we strive hard to help you in all you dentistry needs as to instill in you confidence and happiness in your life.

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1395 North Main St Randolph, MA, 02368


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