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Arena Family Dental


Arena Family Dental in Worcester specializes in dental fillings, tooth bridges, crowns, and extractions, among other services. Our facility has a well-qualified, caring pediatric dentist. Sedation dentistry is routinely utilized and we address endodontics as well as periodontal disease. Get the teeth you’ve always wanted with our laser whitening. Halitosis, commonly known as bad breath, is effectively treated. Our implant dentist is gentle and highly skilled.





Address: Worcester, MA, 01603    
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Website: General and Cosmetic Dentistry
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Dental Practice in Worcester
Arena Family Dental

A bright, confident smile is worth a thousand words!  To achieve the teeth you’ve always dreamed of having or for regular dental maintenance, visit our dental center.  At Arena Family Dental, we are a notch above any other dental clinic in the vicinity.  Whether the dental treatment you require is a tooth filling, bridge, or extraction, our dental practice is the best around. If you experience tooth pain, we can evaluate and correct the problem to avoid tooth decay resulting from lack of necessary intervention. Healthy, strong teeth are easy to obtain with regular care and routine dental visits.  If you are seeking an implant dentist, ours are licensed and accredited fully in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Tooth and dental implants are performed painlessly, as we actively practice sedation dentistry at our dental office.  We address the issues of sore and bleeding gums, and we give specific attention to the branch of endodontics and periodontal disease.

Arena Family Dental specializes in root canals, dental fillings and crowns.  If you need a tooth crown, you have options.  Porcelain crowns are available should you choose.  Our professional staff will be happy to help you decide which type is best for you.  Dental bridges are common and we can fit you with a well-constructed tooth bridge or even a comfortable set of false teeth.  The dental veneers we provide our clients with look beautiful and natural.  We also care for wisdom teeth issues when needed.  Some patients are concerned about halitosis, which is the clinical name for chronic bad breath.  This embarrassing condition can usually be cured very easily.  We are certain to have the bad breath cure that will restore your confidence while engaging in social settings.

When in the market for a cosmetic dentist, look no further.  Our facility performs state of the art techniques in cosmetic dentistry including dental whitening.  Teeth whitening can be successfully obtained by bleaching and laser methods.  You will love the results and show-off your pearly-white, gorgeous teeth!  Arena Family Dental is proud to take care of the whole family.  Our relaxing atmosphere will put you at ease.  Your children will feel safe and secure in their dental treatment under the gentle care of our pediatric dentist.   Regular care for your teeth will help avoid problems that could be very bothersome, painful, and costly in the future. 

Dental insurance is accepted and financing is available. We are surprisingly affordable for excellent treatment.  Payment by credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard and American Express is welcomed.   We offer very flexible scheduling to accommodate your needs.  Emergency appointments are always available for immediate care.


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We are conveniently located in Worchester, MA.

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1049 Main St Worcester, MA, 01603

Website: General and Cosmetic Dentistry  Arena Family Dental specializes in dental fillings, tooth bridges, crowns, and extractions, among other services.


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