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Waxing Treatments


Pamper yourself at our day spa with a waxing treatment such as the Brazilian bikini or any one of our other wonderful hair removal procedures at our day salon and spa. We provide everything from upper lip hair removal to full body waxing.
Our natural beauty products will make you feel like a million bucks at an affordable price!

Address: Brookline, MA, 02446    
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Waxing Treatments

Have you thought about getting rid of the unwanted hair on your face or body in a safe and effective manner?  Do you wake up in the morning time and time again with rough, stubbly legs and wish there was a better way than shaving every single day?   Well, there is!  Satisfied clients come to our establishment regularly in order to obtain the wonderful results that our waxing services have repeatedly generated for them.  Pamper yourself at our spa and facial salon in Brookline with one or more of the many hair removal procedures that we offer.  Not only will unwanted hair be lifted, but so will your spirits.  You will be delighted by the touch of your silky-smooth skin obtained through waxing.  The results last much longer than shaving with a nFull Body Waxoticeably sleeker look and feel.  Indulge yourself in our private Skin Care studio with the added benefit of natural products and chamomile hard wax that we provide to our clients.  They will not only feel luxurious on your body, but are gentle and good for your skin.  The best day spas are those that offer you a diversified choice of treatments.  We take pride in the fact that our studio has an impressive variety of services ranging from , to even full body wax.  If you are uncertain as to how much or how little waxing is right for you, we will be glad to go over your options and assist you in arriving at a decision you will be comfortable with.

Traditionally, women have been the main recipients of waxing hair removal.  Some of the common procedures performed on the body are leg, and eyebrow waxing.  Women often opt to get the Brazilian bikini wa
Facial hair removal for womenx treatment for a stubble-free bikini line.  This is especially popular during bathing suit season at home and when on vacation. Nowadays, men’s hair removal is commonplace at day spas.  Male clients get various types of waxing procedures such as facial, and back  waxing.

Our studio is a notch above other beauty day spas and facial salons in Brookline for unwanted hair removal.  Besides solely a spa, we are a beauty and makeup salon combined.  The medical community has acknowledged that salons and spas are very beneficial to women and men in reenergizing the body as well as the mind.  If you are considering any type of hot waxing service, please visit our studio to make an appointment. We will be happy to discuss with you any questions or concerns you may have regarding hair waxing and body hair removal in general.  Once you become a client at our facility you will wonder how you ever lived without waxing!  The results will not only please, but absolutely astonish you.

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1414 Beacon Street Suite A, Brookline, MA, 02446

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